Open access online resources by our networks

Our network and our members have published several articles, books, webinars or other types of resources through network collaboration or in our network members' separate projects. This page collects them together, so you can find relevant and high-quality resources to be used in your teaching or research activities. 

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The network members share their recent research results, best practices of education or other current topics in the networks' webinar series. 

Advancing small children's voice and agency through research collaboration and innovation studies

Anne Burke, Memorial University, Diane Collier, Brock University, Mhairi Beaton and Susan Atkinson, Leeds Beckett University, and Tuija Turunen, Pigga Keskitalo and Hanna Helander, University of Lapland
31 August 2021 

Reviewing the international effort towards monitoring and understanding the role of the polar vortex as a driver of the weather and climate

Sergey M. Khaykin, LATMOS laboratory and UVSQ (Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines)
18 March 2021

An Asset-based Approach to Exploring Probationer Teachers' Lived Experiences of Learning to Enact Inclusive Pedagogy in Schools Located in High Poverty Environments

Archie Graham & Peter Mtika, University of Aberdeen
October 28, 2020


Video recordings from the network events, conferences and seminars

Keynote speech
Learning from and Leading change in indigenous and northern education - transition risks
Conference Education, Equity and Inclusion: Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable North
Professor Kirk Anderson, Memorial University of Newfoundland
November 19, 2020 

Panel discussion
Education, Equity and Inclusion

Conference Education, Equity and Inclusion: Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable North
November 19, 2020 

Open seminar
Indigenous Pedagogy

University of Lapland
March 11, 2020 in Rovaniemi, Finland 


Publications from the network activities

Policy Brief
Teacher Education in the Frontline: Improving Future Teachers' Digital Competencies for the Enhancement of Learning Outcomes and to Promote Equality
WHEC 2022.

Policy Brief
Education For All: Approaches to Teacher Education for Inclusion
WHEC 2022.

Teacher Education for Social Justice and Diversity
May 2019