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Socially Innovative Interventions to Foster and to Advance Young Children's Inclusion and Agency in Society through Voice and Story (ADVOST)

Project ADVOST (2020-22) aims to enhance educators' knowledge of multiple storytelling pedagogies including perspectives of land-based learning.

Distance Teaching and Learning in the Arctic Communities (DistARCTIC)

DistARCTIC (2020-2022) aims to open new horizons on rural education, especially what kind of pedagogical practices could be used in online/distance teaching and learning to secure equal educational possibilities and high-quality education for all.

Enhancing Equity and Inclusion in Education in Circumpolar North (EICN)

The project EICN (2019-2022) aims to prepare a book proposal and manuscript focusing on inclusive policies and practices in educational settings.

Global Media Education through Development of Online Teaching (GloMEd)

The project GloMEd (2021-2023) seeks to develop a joint study course on Global Media Education through collaborative knowledge exchange between experts from University of Lapland, Finland and Education University of Hong Kong, China.

Creating Connections in the Arctic Educational Science Community (ConnectED)

The project ConnectED (2021-2023) aims to create connections between early career scholars and researchers across the Arctic by organising a series of researcher visits.

Arctic Conference on Educational Sciences (ACCESS)

The project ACCESS hosts an international conference to strengthen the wide network of educational researchers in the circumpolar north.

Finalised projects

Arctic Pedagogy in Teacher Education (ApedEDU)

The project ApedEDU (2017-2020) aims to develop teacher education to give teachers the skills to take advantage of digitalisation in teaching and learning, promote and support local cultures and use inclusive pedagogies in their work.

The Arctic Council's SDWG project: Teacher Education for Diversity and Equality in the Arctic

The UArctic TN on Teacher Education/Finland coordinated the Arctic Council's Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG) project Teacher Education for Diversity and Equality in the Arctic (2017-2019).The project organized networking among teacher education institutions to facilitate the sharing of good practices. Education in the Arctic was one of Finland's Arctic Council chairmanship (2017-2019) priorities.

Transformative Teacher Education for the Sustainable North (TTE)

Project TTE (2019-20) supports activities of UArctic Thematic Network on Teacher Education and UNESCO/UNITWIN Network on Teacher Education. 

Indigenous Pedagogy in Teacher Education

Project IPED (2020-2022) is to organise three workshops to review and identify Sámi pedagogy research needs at Northern teacher education contexts and to support new research areas' development.

Arctic Five Education

The Arctic Five Education project (2018-2022) aims to create better understanding the contextual and cultural issues of the Nordic educational features through institutional and educational collaborations. The project has developed a joint online master course.