The first completed pilot course brought the Arctic Five project together to discuss the future steps


The Arctic Five education project group gathered in an online workshop to discuss successfully implemented master study course and its future plans. The next study module will be available for students on spring term 2022.

The workshop was an Arctic Five Education project activity, in which the University of Lapland hosts the pilot of Arctic Inclusive Education study course.

The workshop analysed the 2nd and 3rd module feedback, concluding the study modules had been highly successful in their implementation, and in addition the students had been highlighting the importance of the contents in the modules. The pilot course's developmental needs were considered in order to improve the modules for the future.

The pilot has been completed successfully and a lot of hard work has been invested in the project, showing in great visible results! The project participants are eager to continue the work towards a joint master's degree program in the future. The future looks bright and inspiring, moreover the Arctic Five education will continue with study courses on the spring term 2022.

You can find more information on the project website.

Text written by Titta Myllyniemi