Recording of two presentations about Faroese language and teaching and Music Education and Language in the Faroe Islands is now published


During ConnectED project's research visit to the University of Lapland, Associate Professor Kalpana Vijayavarathan-R and PhD Researcher Knút Háberg Eysturstein (University of the Faroe Islands) attended University lecturer Erika Sarivaara's course "Sámi Presence in Educational Settings" in the session: "Sociolinguistic perspectives in education".

The course focuses on the Sámi people within the Arctic context and is divided into three connected themes. The course is part of the "Arctic Educational Studies", a joint course between Arctic Five universities.

Kalpana's presentation focuses on the challenges of teaching Faroese as a second language, while Knút's presentation addresses the challenges for Music Education and Language in the Faroe Islands.

See the presentations below or on YouTube.