Project IPED held a workshop on historical perspectives and present challenges in Sámi education


The workshop "Indigenizing Education: Historical Perspectives and Present Challenges in Sámi Education" was held online 16-17 November and it was hosted by the UiT-Arctic University of Norway and Professor Torjer Olsen. The workshop was the first in series of three workshops in project Indigenous Pedagogy in Teacher Education (IPED).

The goal of the IPED project's workshops is to open and talk about practices of Sámi education. In a first workshop the thematic concentrated on the added value of Sámi education history and present challenges. Education history has consisted the politics of different forms of colonization and assimilation in the countries that Sámi people live in. The aim of Indigenous pedagogy is to solve out the heritage of educational histories and secure by educational practices bright future for everyone.
The workshop was two days and included presentations from many experts from the field. Conversations highlighted Sámi education present state, and how it would possible be improved and what is the status of teacher education in the important questions concerning Sámi education with different kinds of challenges.

More information about the workshop programme and discussions in longer news piece.
IPED project is funded by the grant for NOS-HS workshops, by the joint committee for Nordic research councils in the humanities and social sciences (NOS-HS), administrated by the Academy of Finland. The project period is 1/2020-12/2021.

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