Open online workshop on Contents and visions for future Sámi education – Registration is now open!


The workshop will be the third open workshop organised by the project Indigenous Pedagogy in Teacher Education, and it will be held on 16-17 August 2021.

The open online workshop "Árran and Uvssot: Contents and visions for future Sámi education" will focus on the future aspects, challenges and contents of Sámi education at different educational levels. This workshop pays special attention to the ways in which educational programs and institutions can address and solve issues and challenges having to do with 1) the creation of adequate and relevant content that can contribute to future development of Sámi education and demands of learners in minority and majority contexts 2) the need to increase Sámi linguistic and cultural knowledge, 3) the threats, possibilities and potential solutions that follow from changes in demography and society. The workshop programme includes keynotes, panel discussion, collaborative working in smaller groups and open discussion about the topic. See the full programme in the event website.

The first workshop day, on 16 August will be at 8.30-16.00 (UTC +2, Swedish time), and the second day, on 17 August will be at 8.30-12.00 (UTC +2, Swedish time). Please check your local time!

The workshop is open for all - we welcome researchers, teachers, teacher educators, students, policymakers and anyone interested in the topic to join the workshop. The workshop registration is now open - link to the registration. Registration will close on 11 August 2021, and after that the link to the workshop will be shared with only registered participants.

The workshop is the third workshop organised by project Indigenous Pedagogy in Teacher Education (IPED), funded by Academy of Finland NOS-HS workshop grant. The workshop will be hosted by Umeå University. Read more about the project goals, partners and activities in the project website.