Online course “Arctic Inclusive Education” on spring term 2023 – registration is now open!


The 10 ECTS course is developed in collaboration with the Arctic Five universities and it will be held for the third time on spring term 2023. 

The course description states as follows:

In this study course, you will deepen your understanding of educational possibilities and challenges relating to inclusive education, diversity, intercultural issues and Sámi people as indigenous people in the Arctic. After course completion you will be able to implement research-based inclusive education and pedagogy. You will learn to analyse the dilemmas and possibilities encountered in teaching in heterogeneous groups. In addition, you will become familiar with the Sámi themes in education, understand the concepts, processes and consequences concerning colonisation in educational contexts. You can choose whether you will study the whole course or some module of the course.

The course is for 10 ECTS and it includes three modules:

  • Educational Challenges in the Arctic - Education for all (5 ECTS)
  • Inclusive Education and Pedagogy (2,5 ECTS)
  • Sámi Presence in Educational Settings (2,5 ECTS)

The course is scheduled for the spring term 2023 - starting on 16 January and ending on 19 May. More detailed schedule is available on the course website:

The course provides students an unique possibility to study in international environment with teachers and experts from Nordic countries. The study course is on master's level and the teaching language is English. This year, the course is only offered at the University of Lapland, and with flexible study right for the students of the University of Oulu.

Students and teachers told about their experiences from the study course in year 2021 - watch this video and listen podcast episode!

Registration is now open in Peppi. Register by adding the Module in your personal study plan in Peppi-system:

  • Module 1: AIED0001A Arctic Inclusive Education: Educational Challenges in the Arctic - Education for All (Enrollment time 1.12.2022-9.1.2023)
  • Module 2: AIED0001B Arctic Inclusive Education: Inclusive Education and Pedagogy (Enrollment time 13.12.2022-6.3.2023)
  • Module 3: AIED0001C Arctic Inclusive Education: Sámi Presence in Educational Settings (Enrollment time 1.12.2022 - 17.4.2023)

Further information:

Suvi Lakkala
Senior lecturer in Education, Adjunct professor
Faculty of Education

The course was developed and piloted twice in Arctic Five Education project during the years 2018-2022. After the project, University of Lapland decided to add the course to the curriculum of Inclusive Education Master's degree.