Arctic Five Education project held workshop in Tromsø


Arctic Five Education is a project funded by Nordplus Higher Education. The project partners are University of Lapland, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Umeå University, Luleå University of Technology and University of Oulu. The project held workshop in Tromsø to discuss the future of the cooperation, as the current project is ending in May 2022.

Arctic Five Education group
Arctic Five Education group

The Arctic Five Education project held a three-day workshop in Tromsø at UiT - the Arctic University of Norway. The first day of the workshop, 22nd March, included a session with discussing the lessons learnt about the second pilot of the Arctic Inclusive study course. Read more about the study course: Arctic Inclusive Education.

After lunch, the workshop moved on to focus on reflecting the future ways of collaboration in Learning cafés. The themes of the groups were: Teacher Education programme collaboration, Digital Innovations and other research and Administrative support.

Second day of the workshop started with elaborating the future collaboration opportunities based on yesterday's Learning café outcomes. After that, each group introduced the outcomes. The day also included the short presentations of Teacher Education in UiT and University of Oulu and discussion about the thoughts of interests and utilising each team's expertise.

The final day of the workshop on Thursday started with Umeå University's presentation on the suggestions of Postgraduate collaboration. The working days also included discussion about the future opportunities for external funding.

Overall, the workshop was successful with insightful ideas for the future Arctic Five Education cooperation. For more information about the project, visit the project website Arctic Five Education.